Mast Governance Model

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Trust Committee Membership

Staffing and Standards and Effectiveness

Liz Godman Philip Oldfield Tim Wade  Dorcas Atkinson
Anthony Wilkinson      

Audit and Risk and Finance  

Philip Oldfield Tim Wade Philip Marshall David Webster
  Ben Lunt      





Trustee Links

Educational Improvements Safeguarding and Child Protection Liz Godman

Educational Improvements


Liz Godman

Educational Improvements

People - equality and health (Trust Level) 

Dorcas Atkinson

Educational Improvements

Trustee induction and training 


Management and controls

Health and Safety 

Philip Oldfield

Management and controls

Environmental sustainability 

Tim Wade

Management and controls

Internal scrutiny and processes

Philip Marshall

Financial Management

Finance – Health and Efficiency

David Webster 

Financial Management

Financial frameworks – procurement

David Webster


Governing Body Membership


Birdsedge First School

Sian Hyett-Allen Terry Sigsworth Karen Howgill  
Katie Hutton John Thompson Philip Marshall  



Follow this link to Birdsedge First School Governing Body and find out more about the governance in the school.



Shelley First School

Tracy Pinnock Chris Hill Abigail Seddon   
Jason Field Lisa Pugh Julia Moorhouse  



Follow this link to Shelley First School Governing Body  and find out more about the governance in the school.



Middle Schools Governing Body

Liz Godman Sarah Armitage Melanie Barnard          Ian Lakin        Jason Terry
John Jolly Sarah Hallas Kimberley Clee  Jane Turner-Brown Shauna Chesworth



Follow these links to the Middle Schools Governing Body - Scissett Middle School, Middle Schools Governing Body - Kirkburton Middle School to find out more about the governance in the schools.